Classic Joker has been defeated, the Obliviverse has been saved.  The power of the Rune of Beginning was undone through great sacrifice by the world.  The showdown atop the Casino cost many lives, and countless amounts of property damage.  Classic Joker was taken into custody by the enigmatic Timelords and Ultimum Tempus, and Aluc Tepes was once more unleashed upon reality.

Through the efforts of the newly forged coalition of Deities the world has been rendered safe, but new threats cascade across the island of Los Santos.  Eris Hale, the Deity of Undeath stalks the land, infecting her rot within anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path.  Aluc Tepes, the Deity of Darkness walks the realms once more, his true intentions and purpose unknown to all but himself.

From our very future, Quincy and Violin have travelled backwards intent on assassinating the leader of the Guardians, Viola Tepes.  What part will YOU play in this story?  Anything is possible on Genesis.  Our World.  Your Story.  Welcome Home.